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AppZen Automated Expense Report Audit For Concur Is Now Available!

We're excited to announce that AppZen is an official Concur App Center Partner!


The wait is over -- your #1 feature request for AppZen is here!

Concur is a leading provider of T&E solutions and we know many of you are happy Concur customers. Starting today, all Concur customers are able to quickly and easily add AppZen's AI-powered automated expense audit & compliance technology seamlessly into their Concur T&E processes. The best part - there's no IT work required to add the power of artificial intelligence audit & compliance to Concur.


Learn more at the Concur App Center or request your free trial here


What does this mean for you?  Our CEO/co-founder, Anant Kale, describes it best - 

“At AppZen, we’re about saving enterprises time and money by automating back office functions with Artificial Intelligence. With this integration, Concur users can download the app and start using the AppZen audit tool immediately. With no IT integration required, clients can quickly start reducing expense processing costs and capturing significantly more fraud, allowing them to spend more time and resources on growing the business.”

Not sure you need automated audit & compliance? Check out this quick 2-minute video to see how our artificial intelligence works and is saving customers like Hitachi and Cantor Fitzgerald time & money over and above existing T&E processes and tools.


Want to learn more about how AppZen's automated audit & compliance technology can save Concur users money? How about a free trial?

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AppZen Expense Report Audit For NetSuite Is Now Available!

Coming on the heels of our funding announcement last month, we’re pleased to let our customers – and soon-to-be customers – know that AppZen’s automated expense reporting and auditing tool is now integrated with NetSuite, one of the industry’s leading providers of cloud-based ERP / financial software suites. AppZen Expense Report Audit for NetSuite has achieved "Built For NetSuite" verification and is available to all NetSuite users via the SuiteApp store. (pro-tip: scroll to the bottom of this post for a free trial)

This means, if you are a NetSuite customer, there’s no IT integration required to get up and running with AppZen. NetSuite customers simply add our app, which can be found in the SuiteApp store here, and start using it right away. You'll instantly go from relying on manual audits to detect mistakes, fraud and compliance issues in employees’ expense reports, which is time-intensive, expensive and susceptible to human error, to using artificial intelligence to automate that process and reduce back office costs up to 80 percent. Still not sure how AppZen can help your business? Check out this 2-minute video and then hop back here to get your free trial.


With the new NetSuite integration, AppZen is now available to businesses of all sizes, incuding SMBs. Our launch of AppZen's Expense Report Audit for NetSuite highlights our commitment to helping all businesses by automating back office functions through artificial intelligence. More to come - stay tuned!


Want to learn more about saving time & money with AppZen & NetSuite? How about a free trial? Check it out - 

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What Does AppZen Do? (hint: we've got a video)

One of the most common questions I get is, "so, what does AppZen do?"

My usual response is that we use artificial intelligence to reduce a company's T&E processing costs 80% and employee spend up to 5%. Not surprisingly, the typical response is, "yeah...but how do you actually do that? ...and do you have robots?"


I could say that we use artificial intelligence to automate the audit and compliance functions - allowing the T&E team to audit 100% of expenses in less time than they currently spend doing spot checks and relying on rules-based compliance. But wouldn't it be easier to just explain in a video?


Yes, it would. Check out the AppZen video below...and enjoy the robots!


[video not showing? click here: AppZen Video]

Want to learn how AppZen can lower your T&E processing costs by 80%?

Request a personal demo and we'll be in touch right away --


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5 Things Every CFO Should Know About Expense Reports

February 22, 2016 / in Expense Reports Audit & Compliance / by Anant Kale

Expense reports can result in serious compliance and fraud issues. Here's What To Watch For...


How often do your employees make mistakes or forget to include original receipts when they are filling out expense reports?


And how much time and money do you and your team spend sifting through expense reports to catch and correct errors for travel and entertainment expenses?

It’s not cost-effective nor practical to have your team go through every expense report one at a time, but if you’re not thorough enough either, you are leaving yourself open to potential abuse and even possibly millions of dollars in fines and legal action from the SEC and IRS.


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How Artificial Intelligence disrupts business process outsourcing

January 05, 2016 / in Expense Reports Audit & Compliance / by Anant Kale

You are tasked with reducing G&A costs - where do you start? Identiyfing what you can outsource?

Read on to learn what else you can do...

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AppZen Named as a Leading Startup using Artificial Intelligence for expense report software

AppZen has recently been named as a leading startup using artificial intelligence to augment knowledge work. The article cites figures from a Forrester Research study that shows 25% of all job-based tasks will be automated by 2019. Click here for the full article.


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Experts concur: artificial intelligence & big data is the next generation of expense audit.

AppZen Expense Audit, is an automated expense audit solution that uses a patent-pending blend of natural-language processing and artificial intelligence technology to audit every expense line on every expense report automatically.


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Navigating The Last Mile for Best-in-Class Travel and Expense Management: Automated Audit and Fraud detection

Where do you rate for best-in-class T&E management?


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Your expense report software is not enough to stop expense report fraud

Corporate credit cards may seem as a ‘safe’ bet to control and monitor expense report fraud. But, as the new audit conducted by the D.O.D. just found out, Pentagon employees used government credit cards for gambling, adult entertainment and other unauthorized services.



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Using Artificial Intelligence to Automate Expense Report Audit

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data is now being used by companies to combat expense report fraud and lower risk of expensive compliance litigation.


In today's world, there is a lot of pressure on CFOs and Finance Controllers to not only comply with internal spend control policies, but also ensure ethical practices and comply with a number of laws such as Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).  Relying solely on human auditors to accomplish these tasks is very risky.


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