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New Funding from Redpoint to Support AI in the Enterprise

November 01, 2017 / in Funding, AI / by Anant Kale

We have some exciting news to share: we’ve raised $13 million in a Series A round led by Redpoint Ventures and including Resolute Ventures, our lead seed investor.

We’re thrilled to welcome Redpoint partner Alex Bard to our board. He shares our vision of using artificial intelligence (AI) to transform the back office (check out his blog here) and brings with him deep expertise in creating successful SaaS companies. Redpoint has a strong track record of building important IT companies such as Pure Storage, Twilio, Concur, Zendesk and Stripe.

It’s our customers that we want to thank the most because user validation is the only thing that matters. Amazon, Comcast, Hitachi, Intuit and dozens of other customers have provided key insights on their needs, and their feedback on how our AI platform automates and improves the efficiency of back office tasks has been phenomenal.

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Using AI to Eliminate The Headaches Of Expense Report Audit - An Interview with AppZen

October 30, 2017 / in expense report audit, AI / by Jonathan Chizick

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Justin Jones, founder of Simple AI. Check out our conversation to hear how we see Artificial Intelligence being used to streamline business back-office processes.



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Webinar: Conquer T&E Fraud Detection With AI

Second only to payroll, travel and entertainment (T&E) spending comprises the largest expense for companies. How much is intentional and accidental T&E expense fraud costing your company? 


Saving time and money is no easy feat when it comes to auditing your company’s expense reports. Join us to learn from industry experts how companies of all sizes are conquering the last mile of effective T&E expense management by leveraging new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI).


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T&E Expenses Matter: Establishing the Visibility & Control your Company Deserves

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

10:00 am PT / 1:00 pm ET

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Manager Approval Process For T&E - Useless or Useful?

I once sat in an interview with a Manager who told us, step by step, his process to approve his team’s expense reports. His story went something like this: his team would place their completed expense reports in his desk drawer throughout the month. On the last weekday of each month, the Manager would take out the stack of expenses and gear up his ink pad and rubber stamp with his name. He created the rubber stamp process because he was tired of signing each and every expense report by hand. He would spend no more than 15 seconds reviewing and approving each expense report. Then, he would walk the expense reports to the Accounting Manager for reimbursement.

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AI & Enterprise: The Future of Smart Software

February 24, 2017 / in Events, AI / by Jonathan Chizick

Join industry leaders and innovators, like AppZen CEO Anant Kale, at SIlicon Valley Forum's Feb-28 conference in Palo Alto to learn about the impact AI is having on enterprise software - and what it means for your business.


Register here: AI and Enterprise: The Future of Smart Software


It promises to be an insightful day with a number of interesting discussions. Hope to see you there!

When: Tues Feb. 28, 2017
Where: SAP Silicon Valley, 3410 Hillview Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304 (map)

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Why AI Needs to be Part of Your Business Transformation

February 16, 2017 / in AI / by Jonathan Chizick

Amazon’s much anticipated launch into supermarket retailing is set to open, with the first store in Seattle already available to Amazon employees. Although its arrival has been expected, what is surprising many is the way in which Amazon is launching it.

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AppZen Awarded "Best AI Startup" by the AI Awards

February 09, 2017 / in AI, Awards / by Jonathan Chizick

We're thrilled to announce that the AI Awards has recognized AppZen as the "Best AI Startup" in the 2017 edition of their annual Global Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence!

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Think T&E fraud can’t happen in your company? So did Hendricks Power

February 04, 2017 / in AI, Fraud, Compliance, T&E Fraud / by Jonathan Chizick

Donnis Mizelle was a pillar of the local community in Avon, IN. As CEO of Hendricks Power, Donnis was in a high-profile position and was well known throughout the community, serving on several local boards and committees.


In August the illusion came to an end. Mizelle was convicted of embezzling over $500,000 from the company over a six-year period. He now faces up to 20 years imprisonment for his crimes.

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Preparing Your Business for 2017 -- the Year of A.I.

December 15, 2016 / in AI, Artificial Intelligence / by Jonathan Chizick

What an exciting year 2016 has been for Artificial Intelligence! AI was certainly one of the most highly discussed business topics. And all signs are pointing to an even bigger year for AI in 2017. The topic of artificial intelligence seems to be showing up in just about every "top business trends for 2017" list.


Some interesting data points we've seen recently -- 

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How Robotic Process Automation Can Take Your T&E Audit to the Next Level

December 04, 2016 / in Back Office Automation, AI / by Jonathan Chizick

Mention robots in relation to office automation and an image of an R2-D2 like creature delivering coffee or working the photocopy machine springs to mind. Although office robotics has yet to reach this level, there have been giant strides made recently to successfully use robotic technology to remove manual and repetitive tasks from business operations. One area that has seen great progress is in financial management, particularly T&E expense audit – an area of personal interest to AppZen.

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