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Five crazy expense report reasons only a sales person can think of!


Travel & Expense managers have heard it all… From the weirdest to the most creative, believable to bizarre: sales folks stop at nothing, when it comes to justifying their expense reports.

Here are five of the uber crazy expense report reasons that will be forever remembered


  1.  A sales person for a well-known software multinational company claimed a gem: There was an unverified expense from a “pharmacy”. When questioned, this quick thinking individual claimed that it was a receipt for buying painkillers, after a day of negotiations with a particularly trying client!
  2. Now, deadlines and appointments are the bane of a sales person’s existence. And while some of us try to start our days earlier so we can fit in as many engagements, others take a more creative route. One resourceful salesman claimed a spot on the infamous ‘crazy excuses’ list by claiming a speeding ticket that he said was a result of rushing to meet a prospective client. Now, that is something!
  3. Not all sales people go out of their way to entertain a client or do ANYTHING to keep them happy and business deals happening. Here’s a one in a million jewel: This selfless nonconformist took time out of his busy schedule to overcome a golfing handicap by taking golf lessons. 
  4. "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression", especially in the corporate world. Sales people with poor appearance not only give a poor impression of themselves but of their company too. That’s exactly why this sales associate filed the expense of his tailor-fit custom office wear for reimbursement but he just couldn’t figure out why his claims were not honored! Talk about unfair office policies.
  5. On the same note, our last example of client-focused expenses claimed by a radical sales guy. When you are a successful salesman bringing in big deals, it only makes sense that you stay in shape for the signing of the said deal. And getting yourself a personal trainer at your favorite gym so you can look your best at the momentous event is no small feat! If only the managers thought so too and approved of his expense report…. 



Expense managers have to deals with the very difficult task of verifying expense reports to detect fraud, misues compliance and still ensure that employees are not frustrated with expense tools and processes and are always paid on time. Have you measured how effective your expense audit is?


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