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AppZen Named as a Leading Startup using Artificial Intelligence for expense report software

AppZen has recently been named as a leading startup using artificial intelligence to augment knowledge work. The article cites figures from a Forrester Research study that shows 25% of all job-based tasks will be automated by 2019. Click here for the full article.



While this is not news to us, it is an affirmation to AppZen's cutting-edge position in the expense report software market.  AppZen's thought leadership and vision has led to the development of the 'next-generation' in expense report management software.


AppZen's patent-pending technology is world's first and only solution dedicated to expense report audit & compliance. What's more, AppZen automatically creates expense reports for employees. By analyzing and understanding data much like a personal assistant would, AppZen is able to eliminate over 90% of the work involved with creating expense reports.


From its inception, AppZen was built as a mobile-first application that utlizes both artificial intelligence and natural language processing to automate creating and auditing expense reports. Our customers are some of the largest, innovative, and technological forward-thinking companies in the world. They are saving millions of dollars each year using AppZen. Find out how, schedule a demo today! 



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