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Expense report personal assistant that creates expense reports for you

December 02, 2015 / in Expense Reports Automation / by Anant Kale
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At AppZen our mission is to provide you with the most advanced expense report automation ever, which means you never have to sign in into that ‘Expense Software’ or have to remember to submit your expense report. So what did we do?



We created an expense report personal assistant that tracks your travel and expenses and creates expense reports for you.

AppZen SmartAssist is an expense report personal assistant that automatically creates and delivers expense reports to your email, ready for your review. Simple!

A Personal Assistant that does only one thing really well...Expense Reports


The AppZen SmartAssist personal assistant understands expense policies, travel itineraries, reads through receipts, credit charges and even figures out your expenses that are recurring. So you get an email with the expense report for the business trip you had last week and a different one for the mobile phone reimbursements that you claim every month


Now there’s a fair amount of advanced technology at work here, because every company has its own set of expense policies, e.g. which expenses require receipts or what is the maximum you can spend on your telephone bill, to which expenses require you to list down attendees. AppZen’s SmartAssist personal assistant uses Artificial Intelligence to read and understand all the data and policies related to your expenses, and can even seek your help where it needs more information.


AppZen’s patent-pending technology is the first and only expense automation software that’s truly expense report nirvana for employees, because employees never have to worry about missing expenses, late reimbursements, or spending their precious time on expense reports.

Timely and accurate expense reports are delivered in your email!


So if you are tired of hearing you employees complain about how painful your expense process is, don’t just try out the shiny new mobile app that claims to be smart at taking receipt pictures, but try AppZen, the world's most advanced expense automation software that actually saves your employees time and money.


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