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Business trips? Travel and other expense reports done for you automatically!

May 19, 2015 / in Expense Reports Automation / by Mark Beasley
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Not everyone has an administrative assistant to create expense reports for them. But with AppZen, anyone can now have their expense reports created automatically.


 What makes AppZen so unique to other solutions on the market today, is its patent-pending technology that uses Semantics to interconnect travel and expense data. Like travel itineraries, credit card charges, cash expenses and other contextual information which AppZen uses to automate expense reports.


For example, AppZen can automatically extract and parse data from travel itineraries. Not only is each travel item recognized (flight, car, hotel, etc.), AppZen also recognizes the date range, locations, stop overs and other expenses incurred during the travel. 


So, if you’re based in New York and travelling to London, AppZen will automatically "learn" where and when you're traveling. Thus, any credit card charges or cash receipts incurred while traveling are automatically associated. Automatcially linking every charge to your travel.


When business travel is completed, the traveler simply gets notified that their expense report is ready! Just review it before submitting the expense report for approval. And because AppZen integrates with your ERP, Financial, and/or other systems, it automatically enforces all T&E policies and uses your existing approval and workflow processes.


AppZen also incorporates OCR technology. So, for expenses that require receipts, users can simply take a photo of their receipt using their mobile device (iOS/Android) and AppZen will associate each receipt photo to the correct expense line. This is especially useful for executives and travelers who have admins that create expense reports on their behalf. Instead of having to carry around stacks of paper receipts, or email .PDFs, they can simply take photos of receipts using their mobile device and AppZen will handle the rest.


I welcome experienced business travelers, and those who manage expense report management processes, to request a demo of the product and learn how AppZen could start creating expense reports for you automatically!


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