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Cut Expense Report Processing Costs 80% with Expense Report Audit for NetSuite

AppZen Expense Report Audit For NetSuite Is Now Available!

Coming on the heels of our funding announcement last month, we’re pleased to let our customers – and soon-to-be customers – know that AppZen’s automated expense reporting and auditing tool is now integrated with NetSuite, one of the industry’s leading providers of cloud-based ERP / financial software suites. AppZen Expense Report Audit for NetSuite has achieved "Built For NetSuite" verification and is available to all NetSuite users via the SuiteApp store. (pro-tip: scroll to the bottom of this post for a free trial)

This means, if you are a NetSuite customer, there’s no IT integration required to get up and running with AppZen. NetSuite customers simply add our app, which can be found in the SuiteApp store here, and start using it right away. You'll instantly go from relying on manual audits to detect mistakes, fraud and compliance issues in employees’ expense reports, which is time-intensive, expensive and susceptible to human error, to using artificial intelligence to automate that process and reduce back office costs up to 80 percent. Still not sure how AppZen can help your business? Check out this 2-minute video and then hop back here to get your free trial.


With the new NetSuite integration, AppZen is now available to businesses of all sizes, incuding SMBs. Our launch of AppZen's Expense Report Audit for NetSuite highlights our commitment to helping all businesses by automating back office functions through artificial intelligence. More to come - stay tuned!


Want to learn more about saving time & money with AppZen & NetSuite? How about a free trial? Check it out - 

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