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Roses shouldn't be free: How employees cheat employers around Valentine's Day

Everything you need to know about Sunshine Act Compliance

New Funding from Redpoint to Support AI in the Enterprise

Using AI to Eliminate The Headaches Of Expense Report Audit - An Interview with AppZen

Webinar:  A Journey to the Darkside - A Real World Story of International Bribery

Where to begin with GDPR Compliance: The Clock is Ticking

Webinar: Conquer T&E Fraud Detection With AI

Webinar: Strategies for Minimizing FCPA Risks

The State of Enterprise Automation

Corporate Culture and Ethical Behavior: Leading by Example

Mistake vs. Misconduct: Who's to blame when accidental expense fraud occurs?

Can you Spot Fraudulent Receipts?

Manager Approval Process For T&E - Useless or Useful?

Think your External Auditors will sniff out fraud? Think not!

Proactive Fraud Detection: The Future is Artificial Intelligence (Part 2)

Proactive Fraud Detection: The Future is Artificial Intelligence

Busted by a Robot: Using Artificial Intelligence to Sniff Out T&E Fraud

AI & Enterprise: The Future of Smart Software

Why AI Needs to be Part of Your Business Transformation

AppZen Awarded "Best AI Startup" by the AI Awards

Think T&E fraud can’t happen in your company? So did Hendricks Power

Former Oracle CFO Jeff Epstein Joins AppZen as Advisor

Preparing Your Business for 2017 -- the Year of A.I.

How Robotic Process Automation Can Take Your T&E Audit to the Next Level

AppZen’s Vision for the Future Takes T&E Expense Audit to New Levels

How Advancements In AI Can Benefit Your Business

Why Artificial Intelligence is Part of Our Here and Now

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Corporate Finance

Meet AppZen in Las Vegas -- Oct 24-26

Managing Compliance Risk: How the FCPA can be harmful to your business

Transforming Compliance with Artificial Intelligence

AppZen Automated Expense Report Audit For Concur Is Now Available!

AppZen Expense Report Audit For NetSuite Is Now Available!

What Does AppZen Do? (hint: we've got a video)

Why AppZen Will Reinvent the Back Office

5 Things Every CFO Should Know About Expense Reports

How Artificial Intelligence disrupts business process outsourcing

Expense report personal assistant that creates expense reports for you

AppZen Named as a Leading Startup using Artificial Intelligence for expense report software

Experts concur: artificial intelligence & big data is the next generation of expense audit.

Navigating The Last Mile for Best-in-Class Travel and Expense Management: Automated Audit and Fraud detection

Your expense report software is not enough to stop expense report fraud

Business trips? Travel and other expense reports done for you automatically!

Using Artificial Intelligence to Automate Expense Report Audit

Five crazy expense report reasons only a sales person can think of!

How effective is your expense report audit?

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