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AppZen Webinar - A Real World Story of International Bribery and FCPA Violations

Webinar:  A Journey to the Darkside - A Real World Story of International Bribery

October 08, 2017 / in FCPA / by Meena Chockalingam
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What actually happens on the front lines of international business trips?


From the Panama papers corruption to FIFA bribery, the headlines are full of stories of allegations and investigations of bribery and mega scandals. Rarely do we get a chance to hear the story from the individual that gave the bribe.


Richard Bistrong spent over a decade as an International Sales Vice-President,  bribed foreign officials, covertly cooperated with international law enforcement, and went to prison. Richard now works with compliance leadership to assist and support those in the field who might face similar challenges, and helps calibrate compliance programs and practices to the real-world challenges teams face.


The demand for compliance is rising with a renewed focus on preventive solutions. When compliance and fraud detection become top priorities in your organization, what actions will you take? What are the key strategies for managing fraud and FCPA risk while reducing the burden of compliance?


Join this webinar to hear a compelling story of actual fraud schemes, how it all went wrong, and hear best practices to prevent such situations from happening in your company.


This webinar is targeted to professionals in roles that include: CFOs, Head of Fraud & Compliance, Audit, Controllers, and T&E Managers. 


Register today and join us on Wednesday, November 1st at 1:00 pm ET / 10:00 am PT.

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